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Sharing our life's joy

Life is in the details. Finding all the favorite bits life has to offer is the job. Artwork should reflect those best parts, bringing wonder, smiles, warmth, laughter and joy when you walk into a room. We want to share those images with you. 

I LOVE the large canvas I bought for my living room. Every time I walk in it makes me smile. Going to purchase some prints to use for gifts. 

Nikia Griffiths-Jimenez
Verified Buyer

About Us

Aaron Hamm / Kim Hamm


The love of Photography runs in the family!  This mother/son duo can be found out in nature with a small camera shop in tow.  It's interesting how different the images are from the same environment. Aarons sweeping landscapes, amazing water shots, and the best of Hawaii.  Kim is all about the details. Found in all the of corners of life. Floral being a favorite. From her years as a muralist, she continues with large canvas, watercolor and digital art.  Enjoy the wonder of their journeys with them.